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  • Global African Daisy 2022
  • Global African Daisy 2022
  • Global African Daisy 2022
  • Global African Daisy 2022

Global African Daisy 2022

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African daisies are members of the genus Osteospermum, part of the sunflower and daisy family Asteraceae.  They are also sometimes known as daisybushes, Cape daisies, or blue-eyed daisies.

Like other daisies, African daisies have large, beautiful flowers that come in many different colors.  These include white, pink, purple, yellow, orange, and variegated (hybrids consisting of more than one color).  Some African daisies bloom twice during the summer.  Others bloom earlier in the spring and last longer but do not bloom a second time.  There are approximately 70 species of African daisies in total, all of which are native to southern and eastern Africa and the Arabian peninsula.

African daisies are popular in gardens, though they must be planted annually due to their sensitivity to cold temperatures.  They are also difficult to grow from seed, but can be propagated via cuttings.  African daisies like warm temperatures and full sun, but can tolerate partial shade.  They prefer well-fertilized soil that has good drainage and doesn’t get too dry.

When it’s time to buy flowers this year, consider looking for African daisies at your local nursery.  You’ll love walking through your garden and seeing their bright, beautiful blooms.


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